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angel mother
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She steers me from wrong, and leads me towards right.

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She has instilled in me the values of family life. And taught me to be a caring person.

She taught me not to judge any person because of his race or religion. Always to be polite was another virtue she instilled upon me.

My angel on earth was sent from above, God does not pay her in wages, but with eternal love. She has been my confidante, my rock, my protector.

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She is Gods gift to me and could not be replaced by anyone else. She always called me her little angel but I call her my guardian angel for making me what I am.

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Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled. Thanks for that wonderful poem. Now I am the youngest daughter. Make no mistake. It has gotten easier, but I miss then like crazy every day.

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In the organization "Angel Moms" was founded, a group of mothers whose child had died, not limited to a specific cause. In the second sense the term was. Aug 9, For my Angel Mother See more ideas about Grief, I miss you dad and Miss you dad.

Her long-sleeved bodice is fitted and overlaid with delicate white lace while her platinum detail necklace and earrings catch the light revealed by her light brown hair swept back into a loose chignon at her neck. She clutches her favorite blue bunny as her mother sweeps up her barefoot child into a comforting cuddle.

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