The Blood Puzzle (Redemption 3)

Red Dead Redemption 2
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On the back is a sinister message but the image on the front is pointing towards a new location on the map and a combination to open whatever you find there.

Warning, don't read any further if you want to experience the end of the Red Dead Redemption 2 Killer Clues mystery for yourself. Here you have a choice.

You can shoot the killer, saving the sheriff, and earn a small reward or let the sequence play out until the sheriff deals with it himself. We have a complete video walkthrough of the Killer Clue mystery below:.

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Vicissitude posted: Josef is a Nosferatu. As you can see, he's butt ugly. This is not just a poor unfortunate soul, mind you.

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Back in the day, Absimiliard and his brood were actually quite beautiful. They Embraced for beauty and aesthetic reasons.

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The Blood Puzzle: Redemption 3 [Mr Tom Paver] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An ancient people's right to call themselves the fathers. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Tom Paver is from the English seaport of Liverpool, the The Blood Puzzle (Redemption 3) - Kindle edition by Tom Paver.

They were hedonists at heart, and this is pretty much why they were assholes. Caine's curse was to ruin their features and twist their bodies into something monstrous.

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All Nosferatu are hideous in their own unique way in game terms, they have Appearance ratings of 0 and cannot raise it. To counteract this, they have the Obfuscate discipline.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Killer Clue Piece location 1

Challenge: Thrilogy Coach and Ozzy would represent their tribes by climbing a foot 3. Head through the doorway just to the left and be careful here, there are three Ventrue across the way who begin to shoot at you. Plus a heaping helping of bonus XP just for logging in. Behind you will be another Nosferatu who probably won't of seen you yet but kill him for the experience points, go left and follow until you come across some more Nosferatu near a couple of coffins. I did have to use Big Fish Game's on-line walk through in two different places.