What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism

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#1 The Population Can’t Stop Growing Under Capitalism

A full definition of such a complex system would of course take volumes. The Planetary Ecological Crisis 2. There is no natural limit to human greed, which is to a large extent stimulated by social conventions and mores. They are genuinely good and well-meaning people who are concerned with the health of the planet, and most are also concerned with issues of social justice. Capitalism is a system that constantly generates a reserve of unemployed workers. Some resources, such as forests and fisheries, are of a finite size but can be renewed by natural processes if used in a planned system that is flexible enough to change as conditions warrant.

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Ecology and Socialism

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For those concerned with the fate of the earth, the time has come to face facts: not simply the dire reality of climate change but also the pressing. What Every Environmentalist Needs To Know about Capitalism tackles the two largest issues of our time, the ecological crisis and the faltering capitalist.

Fred Magdoff is professor emeritus of plant and soil science at the University of Vermont. John Bellamy Foster is editor of Monthly Review. At the risk of being very redundant, I thought it would be a good day to mention some things we really need to worry about while we participate in the political theater scripted ten years ago. Read on and I'll share my thoughts with you. The book has these contents: 1. The Planetary Ecological Crisis 2.

Business as Usual: The Road to planetary Destruction 3. The growth Imperative of Capitalism 4. The Environment and Capitalism 5.

What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism

Can capitalism Go Green? Chapter 5 in particular deals with most, if not all of the people who scoff at such criticism and shrug it all off saying something about their pet idea that all we need are better regulations and Capitalism will work fine. No it won't! This is a big chapter with lots of good references but this one paragraph is the crux: There is a big problem with such thinking.

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A system that has only one goal, the maximization of profits in an endless quest for this accumulation of capital on an ever-expanding scale, and which thus seeks to transform every single thing on earth into a commodity with a price , is a system that is soulless; it can never have a soul, never be green. It can never stand still, but is driven to manipulate and fabricate whims and wants in order to grow and sell more Nothing is allowed to ,stand in its path.

If you want to disagree with this I can say with conviction that your belief system and mine differ substantially and we are not on the same side in the political struggle. The belief system that this country seems to have unconsciously incorporated into its system of self identifying and operating myths has capitalism deeply entrenched whether it names it or not.

The authors go on to say this: The Neoliberal Concept of Democracy The common place notion of the opposition between state and market, beteen public and private, is important.

#2 The Economy Can’t Stop Growing Under Capitalism

They will remain only as long as they do not interfere too much with the real needs of the system. Poll 14 votes Show Results Capitalism hides its filth by owning the means of dissemination information. Capitalism hides its filth by owning the means of dissemination information.

What environmentalists needs to know about capitalism

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